Service, Maintenance, Repairs, Paper Jamming

Hints and Tips.


1. Paper Jams Frequently

Paper jamming can occur for various reasons. Included below are some common causes and tips to help get you back on the road to reliable copying and a productive office.

:: Poorly Loaded Paper ::

Many paper jams are the result of folded pages in the paper cassette tray. It’s easily done, as loading a full ream of paper at once can sometimes be tricky. We have found that if you break the ream (500 pages) into third’s, fan the paper then square it up, this will help to load paper tray easily and thus benefit a reliable paper feed.

:: Paper Quality ::

With the proliferation of product’s available, and the pretty packaging screaming, “buy me”, the rule of thumb is, “ You get what you pay for”.  There are available some good low cost paper products, however we find with cheaper brand paper quality can vary significantly batch-to-batch. “Double A” is a high quality paper and for that reason we recommend in all our copiers. No, we don’t get a kick back from them, we just recognize that Double A paper is good quality and a cost effective answer to an age-old situation.

:: Paper Tray setting ::

Check to see if the paper sizing and orientation matches the display indicated size. Remembering that “A4” is long edge first. ie. Portrait.  A4R is short edge first or landscape.

:: Bypass Feed ::

Are you printing labels, card stock or an unusual size? Many late model digital Black and White and Colour copiers control the paper settings from the device and not the computer. If your experiencing paper jamming or poor fusing issues, refer to you owners manual and check the user settings for bypass feeding.


2.  Intermittent Paper Jams

:: 1 in 50 pages Jamming ::

Photocopiers in the past have had a reputation for jamming frequently. Technology advancement and general design practices has seena significant improvement in the reliability of copiers and printer paper feeding . It is not uncommon to still experience the odd jam, however if you get more than 1 jams in 50 pages, something is wrong. Check all the above tips and if you are using paper that has been lying around for a while, try opening and using a  “fresh” ream of paper.

:: Still Jamming Intermittently ::

Ok. So you have exhausted all of the above and are ready to approach the copier / printer with a dull heavy object in your hand. You have even gone and brought a brand new box of paper, (hopefully some “Double A”), and still experiencing too many jams. Your Lanier copier / printer may need service attention! If your photocopier is a few years old and has done a lot of work, in the order of 100’s of thousand of copies, it may be experiencing the onset of worn components such a paper feed tyres and possibly feed clutches.  These items are inexpensive to replace and can make a world of difference to the performance reliability.

Above are a few of the key aspects of reliable paper feeding. This may have helped you and in the event that you are still experiencing difficulty getting your copier to function correctly, you may need a technician to diagnose exactly what is the cause of your paper jamming.

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